Press On Nails

Lengths & Shapes

We offer Press on Nails in 3 lengths and 5 shapes: Short Round, Short Square, Medium Round, Medium Square, Medium Coffin Medium Almond, Medium Stiletto, Long Coffin, and Long Stiletto.



308 colours to choose from for your custom set of Press On Nails. Click here to view all colours and details.

Press On Nails

Sizing Guide

Follow these easy step by step instructions to measure your Nail Sizing. You will need transparent tape, a pen or marker, a ruler, and paper to write your measurements down. Refer to Sizing Guide for more details.

Press On Nails

Sizing Chart

After you have measured your Nail Sizing, refer to this chart to convert your measurements to Nail Tip Sizes. You need to know your sizing in order to place a custom set order! Refer to Sizing Guide for more details.

Custom Order

Custom Press On Nails Set - Mirage Nail Studio

Mirage Nail Studio

Custom Press On Nails Set


Don't see the design you're looking for in our selection? Want to make a change to an existing set or add charms and bling? Order a custom set of Press on Nails. 

Feel free to take a look at past nails designs we have done on our Instagram. If they are not on our website, we can recreate them as a custom set.

Place a custom order by sending an email to, or send us a message on Instagram or Wechat both @mirage_nailstudio. Please include colour, length, and shape, and a description of the set and nail art you have in mind. You may also include inspo pictures. You do not need to add this item to your cart. You will be sent an invoice for the custom set once we have communicated and confirmed your order.



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