Please make sure your measurements and conversions are correct before submitting your order. Mirage Nail Studio will not take responsibility if your custom press on nails do not fit due to inaccurate measurements of your natural nails. We highly recommend purchasing a Sizing Kit to ensure a perfect fit!

You can find a Nail Sizing Tutorial in our Instagram Reels. If you need further guidance on how to measure your sizing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Don't want to measure your nails?

1) Purchase a Sizing Kit

2) Shop our Ready To Wear Collection

Ready To Wear sets have 18 nails of 7 tip sizes. The sets comes in 4 sizes (Small, Medium, Large). Each set comes with 2 Thumb sizes, 2 Pinky sizes, and 3 in between sizes for your index, middle, and ring fingers. We recommend the Medium size for average sized nail beds.

Many of our competitors choose to offer 20pc one-size-fits-all type sets, made up of 2 nails of each size. However, we found that this is not ideal because most people have index, middle, or ring finger that are the same size, which would require more than 2 of one size. We chose to offer 18pc sets that have 4 of 2 common sizes and 2 more of a larger size. This way, you are more likely to have correct sizes for all of your nails.

Tip: If you order a Ready To Wear set for your first set, you can use it to figure out your sizing so that you can order a custom set the next time!

Ready To Wear Sizes:

XS: 2 (x2) 3 (x2) 5 (x2) 6 (x4) 7 (x4) 8 (x2) 9 (x2)

S: 1 (x2) 2 (x2) 4 (x2) 5 (x4) 6 (x4) 8 (x2) 9 (x2)

M: 1 (x2) 2 (x2) 3 (x2) 4 (x4) 5 (x4) 8 (x2) 9 (x2)

L: 0 (x2) 1 (x2) 2 (x2) 3 (x4) 4 (x4) 7 (x2) 8 (x2)