Why should I choose Press On Nails over acrylics or gel nails from the nail salon?

It really comes down to a matter of preference! However, there are quite a few factors that may help with your decision. Do you like to switch up colours and designs instead of staying committed to one look for a long period of time? Maybe you want to match your nails to your outfit for the day like an accessory? Or you like wearing your nails long when you go out but your work or home life does not allow it? Or you just don't want to waste your valuable time sitting in a nail salon or spend money getting your nails filled every two weeks? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, press on nails are perfect for you! If not, Mirage Nail Studio also offers gel nail services in Vancouver, Canada!

Are Mirage Nail Studio Press On Nails reusable?

Yes, our press on nails are definitely reusable!! Make sure you follow the Removal Instructions carefully and not soak the press ons in acetone, or else they will break down and not be able to be reused. 

How long do Press On Nails stay on for?

This depends on many factors including your lifestyle, how rough you are with your hands, how well you prepped your natural nails, the length of the nails, the accuracy of sizing, and choice of adhesion. Generally, adhesive tabs are for a shorter period of wear and last around 1-3 days. Application with nail glue can last around 2 weeks. We have gotten our press on nails to stay on for up to 1 week with adhesive tabs and up to 4 weeks with nail glue. However, we highly recommend keeping a tube of nail glue with you just in case!

How do I apply/remove my Press On Nails?

You can find detailed application and removal instructions on you Thank you/Instructions card that came with your order, or in the Instruction menu tab. You can also find application and removal tutorials on our Instagram IGTV or Tiktok both @mirage_nailstudio

How do I know my Nail Sizing?

You can find everything you need to know about Nail Sizing and how to measure your nails in the Sizing Guide menu tab. If you don't want to measure you nail sizing, you may choose to purchase a Sizing Kit or one of our Ready To Wear sets. We highly recommend purchasing our Sizing Kit to get the most accurate fit.

How do I input my Nail Sizing when I place an order?

In the text box, type in your nail tip sizing in the following format:
Right: thumb, index, middle, ring, pinky / Left: thumb, index, middle, ring, pinky
(eg. Right: 1,4,3,4,9 / Left: 1,4,3,5,9) 

Do you offer Custom Orders?

Yes, you may request a custom order by sending us an email at miragenailstudio@outlook.com, or by sending us a message on Wechat or Instagram both @mirage_nailstudio. Please include a description of what you have in mind, and/or an inspo picture. You can find more of our previous work on Instagram, that we will happily recreate for you.

Can I make changes to an existing set?

Yes, if you would like small changes to be made (such as colour), you can either describe the changes you would like in the Sizing text box or in "Add Order Note" in your cart. If you want to make drastic changes or add/change charms, please follow the instructions of placing a Custom Order and email us at miragenailstudio@outlook.com, or by sending us a message on Wechat or Instagram both @mirage_nailstudio. If you are purchasing more than one set of press on nails, please make sure you state which set you would like the changes for if you are adding an order note.

I am in Vancouver, do you offer local pickup?

Yes, we offer free local pickup for those of you in the lower mainland! If your order does not already qualify for free shipping, please let us know you would like to pick up your order by sending us a message on Wechat or Instagram @mirage_nailstudio or email us at miragenailstudio@outlook.com before checking out and we will take the shipping costs off your total! If your order already qualifies for free shipping, you may let us know by adding an "order note" in your cart before checkout! We are currently not offering local delivery.

Do you offer International Shipping?

Yes, you will be able to see whether we ship to your location and shipping costs at checkout!