Mirage Nail Studio was founded by a young nail technician in Vancouver, Canada amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Originally a traditional nail business known as Bubu Nails, which offered in-person gel nail services, Mirage Nail Studio has rebranded, in preparation for the launch of our custom press on nails. 

We offer high quality reusable press on nails, created with top-of-the-line Aprés Gel-X soft gel tips or Kiara Sky Gelly Tips. In our First Class Collection, you will find luxurious nails with intricate nail art and high-end charms and jewellery for your nails. Our hand painted press ons are priced at various tiers so that you can find the perfect set for your nails and your budget!

 Nail art is our passion. Our goal is to bring you beautifully designed nails and all the new nail trends, that you can reuse over and over, so that not only can you cut down on time spent at the nail salon, but also money spent on getting fills every two weeks!