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Butterfly Dance - Ready To Wear


Baby Blue with holo glitter and butterfly decals accent nails. 

Ready To Wear sets have 18 nails of 7 tip sizes. The sets comes in 4 sizes (Small, Medium, Large). Each set comes with 2 Thumb sizes, 2 Pinky sizes, and 3 in between sizes for your index, middle, and ring fingers. We recommend the Medium size for average sized nail beds.

Included with your order: instructions card, orange wood stick, nail file, nail buffer, nail buffer, alcohol pad, sheet of adhesive tabs (24pc), tube of professional nail glue. One prep kit per order only. Additional adhesive tabs or nail glue may be purchased separately.

Tip: If you order a Ready To Wear set for your first set, you can use it to figure out your sizing so that you can order a custom set the next time!

Ready To Wear Sizes:

XS: 2 (x2) 3 (x2) 5 (x2) 6 (x4) 7 (x4) 8 (x2) 9 (x2)

S: 1 (x2) 2 (x2) 4 (x2) 5 (x4) 6 (x4) 8 (x2) 9 (x2)

M: 1 (x2) 2 (x2) 3 (x2) 4 (x4) 5 (x4) 8 (x2) 9 (x2)

L: 0 (x2) 1 (x2) 2 (x2) 3 (x4) 4 (x4) 7 (x2) 8 (x2)

Length & Shape pictured: Long Coffin
Main Colours pictured: #024, #262
Size pictured: L

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